With the emergence of websites such as Facebook , Twitter & LinkedIn, among others, social media now plays an integral role in all digital marketing strategies. Recent online statistics indicate that 72% of all Internet users are now active on social media, which highlights the importance for every online business to get involved.

A successful Social Media Optimisation strategy will not only drive traffic to your site directly from the Social Media source but it will also improve your search engine ranking by providing links. Bough SEO can develop a social media approach for every online company based on their business model and objectives.

The social media strategy provided will provide an overview of Social Media Marketing, its benefits and the process followed by Bough SEO to achieve the objectives. Social Media Marketing is about achieving effective Marketing Communication and Branding through various Social Media platforms. The primary focus of Social Media Marketing is to build and maintain a brand online and drive traffic from sources other than the search engines.

Social media expands its verticals in Internet forums, blogs, videos and Podcasts, pictures and social networking. It is an important aspect of Online Marketing which helps you in building your Company Image, Identification and Online Communication strategy.


Nowadays Facebook is the most popular social network in the world, the whole sum of active users counts more than 700 million.

Facebook allows covering all possibilities of your business promotion in the Internet, including sales increasing, company recognition or reputation management.

Most modern companies are interested in web-site promotion in Facebook social network, because it’s a really working complex of effective actions, directed on potential clients attraction from specialized groups to the web-site owners’.

Promotion in the Facebook is suitable both for major brands and for small companies. Now Facebook is the landing free of competitors in many niches. Most competitors just start their promotion in Facebook without definite understanding of the landing and methods of brand promotion on it.

And one more advantage of Facebook is its audience. Users of all age with wide range of interests are represented there. So, it is possible to find potential customers for any kind of products.


Twitter – is free social service, which allows posting your news, but not more, than 140 symbols.

To the list of main advantages of Twitter can be referred:

  • Efficiency

All new messages from users you get in real-time mode. You also have an opportunity to immediately react on users’ actions, and monitor your brand mentioning in the net.

  • Dynamic

Wide potentialities of social network allow to easily get necessary information by tuning following keywords mentioning, information search with the help of #hash-tags, to fulfill immediate subscribe on net users.

  • Availability

In advertising campaigns Twitter can:

Inform customers about company and competitive advantages of its goods and services.
Attract new audience and enlarge company’s website traffic
Create firm connections with client in format of online support
Influence brands’ recognition in the net
Create company’s positive public image
Tell about product and get users’ review on it.
Nowadays a lot of users use Twitter as analog of RSS subscription for company’s news, that’s why representation of timely news of your company in Twitter-feed can be to the point for your loyal customers.

Twitter can be suitable tool of promotion for most companies. Major brands and small companies definitely find their target audience there. So, taking into account Twitter advantages, it is possible to say, that any promotion campaign in this social network can bring incredible effect for sales increasing and brand promotion. The only condition is that the strategy for account promotion should be made by professionals.


LinkedIn – nowadays is one of the oldest and one of the most popular social networks.

The main feature of LinkedIn is social-demographic characteristics of audience. Mainly, businessmen, IT-specialists, financiers, employers and applicants are registered in LikedIn. So, when issue is monetization of the business, subject must meet visitors’ interest of this network.

In spite of narrow range of Linkedins’ interests, it gives huge possibilities for advertisers: audience targeting allows achieving high response on advertising campaign with comparatively small amount of funds.

Most part of this social network users are from the USA, Europe is rather active (Holland, Austria, Belgium, Polland, United Kingdom and other countries). Inflow of new users comes from countries with advancing economics.

Promotion in LinkedIn is suitable mostly for any kind of companies. But, it is the best option for business sites, IT resources and different recruiting agencies. It is possible to create successful advertising campaign for different entertainment resources, but it’s much harder to predict result of such promotion.

Social media marketing is a high growth, cutting-edge business model. You can’t afford to leave this opportunity to your competitors.

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